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Learn more about the benefits of Systematic Kinesiology and how to live a healthy balanced life.




Backchat Show With Anthea Page, Bristol Community RadioLayla Auer
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I was at Sancreed Well in Cornwall on 8.8.2021 with my partner. We were actually meditating sat nestled in the roots of a tree, as it was a particularly significant day from an astrological perspective. It was a new moon and the Lion’s Gate portal. When I opened my eyes, a few women were intrigued what we were doing and came over to chat. One of them was Anthea Page and she was interested in how the power of intention and manifestation could help her friend, who was going through a tough time. She then asked me if I would like to be interviewed on the topic for the Backchat show on Bristol Community radio, which I agreed to. 


Gut Health and Kinesiology

Gut health is a hot topic and for good reason: international scientific research is revealing the extent to which a healthy gut impacts not only your immune system but also your mood and mental health. Watch this short video for a brief introduction to the significance of the digestive system on your health.

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