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Meet Layla Auer

Certified Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner

Since I was a young girl, I have been interested in how some people struggle more than others and why. My mum taught me about issues like poverty and what we could do to fight it. These lessons made me aware of other people and encouraged me to be empathetic and feel deeply for those whose lives were difficult. 


When I was 15 my mum was killed in a fatal accident: I lost my innocence and faith in the world. I learnt that life was not safe, as you never knew what might happen. As I became an adult, I tried different ways of dealing with my grief and depression, such as talk-therapy, meditation, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. These approaches all helped me to learn some tools to cope with life. It was not easy: I stumbled and fell into old patterns repeatedly, not quite ready or able to believe that I deserved to be happy and to feel love. 


As a mature student, I studied poverty, conflict and human rights abuses. I also focused on these subjects in my career and voluntary work. I reached a point where everything looked bleak; life had no joy and humanity could be cruel. I decided to leave the country again and set off on some adventures in Central and South America. Leaving the world’s woes behind, I rediscovered beauty, kindness and began to trust life again. With time to think, I realised that I would be of no use to anyone if I did not focus on myself. I would be a better friend, sister and citizen of the world if I took care of my needs. I realised that to sometimes be selfish, taking care of your needs, is actually one of the most selfless things you can do. This was a huge awakening.

Layla Auer Healthy Balance Systematic Kinesiology Bristol
Layla Auer Healthy Balance Kinesiology Bristol

In 2018, I discovered kinesiology whilst on holiday in Mexico. I was interested in how it combined Eastern and Western approaches to health. By the end of the holiday, I’d decided that I wanted to be a kinesiologist. I felt euphoric! For years I had been wondering what my purpose was, and this was it. Through kinesiology I could support people to feel better, healthier and more optimistic about life. 


Back in Bristol, I found a small school with an excellent teacher with decades of knowledge and experience. Whilst studying I continued to work full time with children in care. It was tough at times and setting up my own kinesiology business often had to go on the back burner. In June 2021, I was on a retreat. It was our last day and I was feeling nervous about going back into the real world. I was surrounded by inspiring women who basically said, ‘hand your notice in, the world needs people like you’ and I’ve never looked back. 


What life has thrown at me has ultimately been a blessing. I am able to connect with my clients as I can relate to their experiences. I can empathise with a lack of confidence and self-love and use this to support people to develop self-esteem. I can understand how hard it is to make positive changes and use this to help you on your journey to feeling healthy and balanced. 

Layla is a wonderful person. I was so honoured to be treated by her. I felt safe in her company as she did my colour reading and kinesiology session. It made me realise how much I needed this! To be treated by Layla is just the nourishment I needed and long for again. She is very knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile to make you feel held and happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


- Sancha

After having treatments with Layla, I feel like the head fog clears, I become more present, more positive about life and able to feel my own worth on this planet. I feel like I am ready to take the on the day and more able to voice whatever I need to in order to make my life more enjoyable.

-  Emily

Layla has helped me to identify foods and stimulants that stress certain functions in my body and to work out how to manage this in a straight forward way. Kinesiology has benefitted me in many ways and I cannot recommend it enough for those who want to take control of their health and well-being.

- Racheal

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