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What Does the Systematic Kinesiology Journey Look Like?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Discovery Call

If you are interested in Systematic Kinesiology and would like to know how it will help you, book a free discovery call. I will call you at the appointed time, giving you the chance to ask me any questions you have before booking your initial consultation. I have made a video, which may answer some questions on Systematic Kinesiology and might be useful to watch before your discovery call.

After our call, if you have follow-up questions that were not answered, please email me at

To organise your initial consultation, use the booking system on my website.


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation helps me get an insight into some of the key things that are impacting you that you would like some support with. If there are things you do not feel like talking about in the first session, there is no pressure to do so.

I will ask you about some key areas in your life, including, for example:

  • how you were born (premature, C-section, natural birth)

  • your relationship with your parents/guardians/family

  • any medication you have taken or are taking

  • any allergies/sensitivities

  • any injuries/operations

  • your typical diet.

We will then identify a few things you would like to experience through having kinesiology. This could include improved sleep, reduction in skin inflammation, increased energy levels, understanding what foods/products you might be sensitive to and what nutritional support may boost your health. These goals will likely change as you progress along your journey.

Fully clothed, you will then get on the treatment table and I will use gentle, non-invasive muscle testing to identify key imbalances in your body. I will then use a range of techniques, including lymphatic drainage massage, Bach Flower remedies, nutrition testing and energy rebalancing techniques based on the Chinese system of meridian points. At the end of the treatment I will use some techniques to make you feel centred and grounded.


Between treatments

Directly after your treatment, I will update your treatment plan to the members section of my website. This will include what supplements the muscle testing showed as essential for you to take in order to support your body to optimal health.

It will include all the information about where to buy the supplements, the suggested dosage and the discount codes you can use to get them at a cheaper price. It will also include any gentle and manageable suggestions that arise during the treatment, which will be useful for you in-between treatments to help you achieve your goals.

I am available to answer questions that may arise post-treatment via email. If it is a question that requires a treatment rather than conversation, please make a note of what comes up for you and we can explore in your next session.


Follow-up treatments

After the initial treatment, use the booking system to organise your follow-up treatment. How frequently you have treatments will vary as no two people are the same. Most clients will have kinesiology once a month for around three to six months. However, if your symptoms are more deep-rooted, based on long-term issues, the treatment plan may vary.

Each follow-up treatment will start by talking about how you have been since the previous session. We will then identify what systems in your body needs bringing back into balance through kinesiology. If you find it tricky to express how you feel, please do not worry about this getting in the way of a treatment. I have many different non-intrusive ways to be able to support you to explore what is impacting you that do not require much talking, or any talking at all.


Maintenance treatments

When you feel that the treatments have supported you to a place of durable change and you feel resourced both emotionally and physically, maintenance treatments every few months can be useful in helping you to keep on track.

From a Systematic Kinesiology point of view, it is advisable to maintain your health and wellbeing rather that wait until you hit crisis point.

If you want to know more about how Kinesiology can help you then book a free discovery call

Or if you are ready book your initial consultation appointment and get you on your way to a Healthy Balance!

Photography Credit - Sanchabella Photography

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