Layla Auer Healthy Balance Systematic Kinesiology Bristol

A Healthy Balanced Life is Within Reach

Kinesiology with Layla Auer

Meet Layla

Kinesiology Practioner

I discovered kinesiology whilst on holiday in Mexico in 2018.


I was interested in how it combined Eastern and Western approaches to health. By the end of the holiday, I’d decided that I wanted to be a kinesiologist. I felt euphoric! For years I had been wondering what my purpose was, and this was it.


Through kinesiology I could support people to feel better, healthier and more optimistic about life. 

What life has thrown at me over the years has ultimately been a blessing.


I am able to connect with my clients as I relate to their experiences. I can empathise with a lack of confidence and self-love and use this to support people to develop self-esteem.


I also understand how hard it is to make positive changes and use this to help you on your journey as a healthy balanced life is within reach!

Layla Auer Healthy Balance Systematic Kinesiology Bristol

Important Information

Monday Appointments take place at Bristol Massage Clinic in Clifton

Tuesday and Wednesday Appointments take place in Paulton

What I Specialise In

Reset Your Digestive System

Release Emotional Blockages

Stabilise Hormonal Imbalances

Identify Food Sensitivities

Build Confidence and Self-esteem

Layla Auer Healthy Balance Systematic Kinesiology Bristol

‘Systematic Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a type of body language which communicate problems and then solutions to the client and practitioner. Kinesiology is non-invasive, drug free and enormously empowering.’

Claire Muller, The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology Principal

When I first went to see Layla I was going through a tough time. I had never experienced kinesiology before and went with an open mind. The session was incredibly insightful and helped me both physically and mentally at a very key point in my journey. I’ve seen Layla many times since as the work she does continues to have a positive effect on my wellbeing. I cannot recommend her enough. 

- Wim

Following my first two kinesiology sessions with Layla, I have experienced a huge burden lift from my shoulders, along with gaining valuable insight into some key areas for improvement and transformation in my life and health. Layla fully supported me with a rigorous supplement plan that fit my budget and I continue to feel stronger and dig deeper into some issues affecting my health. I am looking forward to my third session. Thank you Layla.

- Kellie

When I came to Layla my energy was scattered. From the first treatment, I felt that Layla’s approach helped me to feel more grounded and centred in moving forward in life in a more purposeful and focused way. I continue to see Layla as every visit uncovers another layer. I feel hugely thankful for the benefits of continuing treatment. 

- Diane

A Healthy Balanced Life is Within Reach


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